ChiSC Meeting - 7/20 - “Processes & Patterns”

We’re in need of a venue for this meeting - if you know of a place in the Loop that could help, please contact me

We’re all familiar with words like “process” and “patterns” - in this meeting, we’ll look at different ways to think about and apply those terms in ways you may not expect.

Groupon’s Blake Smith will begin by examining why design patterns lead to good designs at the small-scale program level, why they often get ignored at the macro large-scale system level, and the impacts of doing so on your applications.

Then we’ll switch gears and go through a group exercise on understanding why your employer, (yes, your employer) has the process it does and how that impacts you. As with the previous exercises, this could be a huge success or huge failure but should be entertaining either way.

As always, anyone of any experience level and any background is welcome to come and participate.

Food and socialization will begin at 6PM on Wednesday, July 20th, and we’ll the start the meeting a bit after that. Once we’re done, we’ll wander on down the street to socialize and intoxify.

If you’re interested, please RSVP here.

Both portions be interactive, so please come ready to participate.

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See you there! -SP