The Power to Move You

I had the same problem on my Xanga site. There’s a great deal of pressure on that “first” article. (Apparently those first few articles don’t count. As well they shouldn’t. What’s more boring than a website about a computer nerd’s writing? A website about a computer nerd’s writing about his website)

So there were many, many failed articles I wrote to lead things off on a strong note. And just like my Xanga, I’m giving up and writing a craptastic first entry. Please accept my apologies if you are still reading.

It occured to me that I’ve never really wrote about my thoughts on relocating to Chicago. So let me jot down a few things that have run through my head since arriving here almost two months ago:

  • I miss the color green. I miss urban sprawl. Chicago is a dense concrete jungle that looks as if it would collapse and fall into Lake Michigan if a strong wind blew through.
  • Chicago has made me unapologetically pro-Walmart. Between the local grocery store and Home Depot, I get by alright. But goodness, I miss that place dearly.
  • There are a great many interesting things to do. I have less free time than I did when I was in Columbia, MO or West Lafayette, IN, but I find myself much, much busier than ever.
  • Speaking of those fine locales, I still keep in touch with about 2-3 people that I met from 5 years of college in Columbia, MO (I’m not counting the fairly significant number of people I met after graduation there). I keep in regular contact with almost a dozen that I met from 4 months of college at Purdue. I don’t quite know what this means

Okay, so I’m not doing so well at really articulating my thoughts on relocation. Luckily, someone out there is though. Ron “Aalgar” Watt writes Infinite Midlife Crisis, a blog about his recent relocation from Maryland to Seattle. He can tell you the details in a better and more entertaining fashion than can I; let me just say I found the blog via one of his many eBay auctions wherein he was selling nearly everything he had of value to fund this project.

To quote the most amazing and lovely person I know, I’ll steal from my own closing words on my first Xanga entry:

Okay, sooooooo, first entry, not all that interesting. Oh well, too bad. To paraphrase Mitch Hedberg, I’ll someday edit this entry, take out all the words, and add new interesting ones instead.