The All Fur

Dead Authors Podcast Chapter 13 - Paul F. Tompkins as H.G. Wells, Matt Gourley and Jeremy Carter as the Brothers Grimm who are discussing their fairy tale, The All Fur.

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Grimm Brother 1: He is lying on the death bed of his wife and she says, ‘Never marry again.’ And he promises, ‘I will not, unless I find someone as beautiful as you and that’s the one loophole okay?’ And she says, ‘Oh yeah that seems fair.’ And so he goes, ‘Well, no one is as beautiful as her except for my daughter, so that seems okay. I will marry her.’ And she says ‘Hold on a minute, girlfriend.’ She was smart and said, ‘Not unless you give me three gowns. One must be gold as the sun and silver as the moon and the other as the bright as the stars. Oh, and also I need fur from every animal that ever existed.’

H.G. Wells: That ever existed?

Grimm Brother 2: Ya. It’s like a Noah’s ark dress.

Grimm Brother 1: Yes it is. That’s exactly it.

H.G Wells: So this is one giant fur, it’s not that she just wants one of each?

Grimm Brother 2: Yeah, it’s not like this is my dinner stole and this is my breakfast fox. It’s all one thing.

Grimm Brother 1: Yeah, get it done. The whole thing. So long story short, he says okay, I’ll do it and he does. All right? And she’s like-

H.G Wells: Wait, I’m sorry how does he do that?

Grimm Brother 1: Well, we don’t include that part.

Grimm Brother 2: It seemed like too many set pieces. So we just went simpler.

Grimm Brother 1: Nobody likes exposition, you know.