Chicago Alt.Net - August 2008 Meeting

The August 2008 meeting of the Chicago Alt.Net group has been announced by fearless leader Sergio Pereira. It will be on August 13th, 2008 at 6:00 PM (or 6:3...

July Braindump

NPR API OMG If you’ve seen me in person even once, odds are you’ve seen my Chicago Public Radio hat. I’m just a bit of a fanboy.

FlySpy v1.0 Released!

The first full version of FlySpy, “the world’s premiere GameFly queue management tool” that can monitor and manage your GameFly account, has been released.

Programmer’s Bookshelf

Jeff Atwood has long maintained an “Essential Reading” list of books for developers. I’ve been chugging my way along it dutifully, and as I continue to do so...

More Diablo than Diablo

A genre-defining game like Diablo II is tough to follow, and the demands of gamers can’t make that any easier.

When Good Games Go Bad

Once I was playing this RPG on my computer. The studio behind it had made a few other games about which I had extremely mixed opinions, but I loaded the game...