MadisonRuby Miscellanea

Just wanted to take a moment and capture some random thoughts about MadisonRuby.

Thanks everyone who came to Dan’s and my talk today at MadisonRuby. This has been a tremendous conference so far and I’m honored to be a part of it. If you have any follow-up questions, I’d love to continue the conversation. Feel free to contact me or find me on Twitter.

Madison is perhaps the loveliest town I’ve ever been to. Although I’m not sure I get the whole cheese thing. I’ve spent a fair amount of time elsewhere in Wisconsin and so I’m familiar with cheesemania. However, Madison takes this to a whole new level. My heart no longer pumps but instead goes “squelch” every so often.

Special moments abound at this conference. It’s an incredible conference with a special ethos - lots of hugs and affection everywhere. Sometimes I forget there’s special connections everywhere in the Ruby community. It’s such a marvelous experience, thanks guys. Big Tiger in particular, you’ve been totally awesome. I am in your debt for these moments.

I’ve included some of my favorite MadisonRuby moments below courtesy of - you can view their entire MadisonRuby collection here.