LD28 – The Rejected Ideas

A number of ideas come and go for these competition, but there can ultimately be only one. A few of the nearly-games

  • A lone fighter and a lone destroyer have to take out a massive fleet of resistance. The job of the fighter is to go annoy individual parts of that fleet such that they follow it back to the destroyer and are annihilated
  • A multiplayer Tropico-like city management game where you’re all managing the same city but with different, hidden agendas. The communists may want more production and mining while the capitalists just want hotels and beachline. You have to undermine your fellow’s efforts without straight-up destroying them (all improvements are probably permanent).
  • RTS-style game where you are building a giant death robot piece by piece. How do you arm it, and when do you send it into battle against your rivals?
  • You are the only lander for an outpost on a hostile alien civilization. You have to scrounge for resources to keep it alive, and it in return fuels and occasionally upgrades you. (This is more or less what turned into my dragon game)