FlySpy v1.0 Released!

The first full version of FlySpy, “the world’s premiere GameFly queue management tool” that can monitor and manage your GameFly account, has been released.

The name has changed in order to protect the innocent, and also to avoid any potential copyright infringements. Inside however, it still has all the same goodness that my one brave downloader has come to expect, as well as the following new features:

  • Supports all game systems in the GameFly library. This means that you can get a list of all 5,000+ GameFly games in one convenient location.
  • Includes an options screen that allows you to specify what systems you want to monitor, and which systems you want to automatically add new games from.
  • Includes a “Welcome to FlySpy!” screen for new users.

As always, you can visit the FlySpy project homepage or go straight to the newest release.

So until a 2.0, FlySpy, I kiss you goodnight and wish you a sweet (and hopefully critical-bug-free) rest. -Scott