FFG Star Wars Compact Vehicle Sheet

As I said when introducing my compact NPC character sheet, I hate clutter at the table. The FFG vehicle sheet is fantastic for my players’ ship as they want to track everything at a fair level of detail. Not only is that overkill for most NPC vehicles, but I also don’t want to have to remember “Okay, now which NPC sheet is the driver of this vehicle again?”

I made an combined sheet that condenses the most critical information on NPC vehicles and their crew. You can see it in action with the stats for a “CSA TAST-A”, a somewhat crap airspeeder used by CorpSec planetside police in my campaign:

Download Link

A few notes about this sheet:

  • This sheet makes pretty extensive use of scripts to calculate die rolls. You’ll probably want to open it in Adobe Reader to make use of them.
  • If your printer doesn’t support half-sheets, these also print nicely two to a page. What I usually do on my Mac OSX is:
    • Select all the NPCs I want to print for a session in Finder
    • Open them in Preview (this opens all the separate PDFs as one document)
    • Print, and under “Layout” select “Pages per Sheet: 2”

Changes or suggestions are welcome! All the tools I used to make this are free to use, and all the original materials are available for download or modification in the Github repository. Pull requests are welcome!

Happy GMing!