FFG Star Wars Compact NPC Character Sheet

I hate to clutter up my tabletop with more than I absolutely must. Making full, two-page character sheets for each NPC drove me mad as a new Edge of the Empire GM. Much of the information on a character sheet is irrelevant to an NPC (no one cares about your obligations, CSA Viceprex). All of this just makes for wasted tabletop space.

To fix this problem, I made a compact NPC sheet: just the critical information I needed on NPCs that I could print on half of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. In addition to displaying information more compactly, it also calculates skill and attack rolls as well as displaying a small reference on opposed social skill checks (I always forget that Charm is opposed by Cool, unlike most other social skills which are opposed by Discipline).

Here it is in action with the stats for a lowly droid my players encountered awhile back:

Download Link.

A few notes about this sheet:

  • This sheet makes pretty extensive use of scripts to calculate die rolls. You’ll probably want to open it in Adobe Reader to make use of them.
  • If your printer doesn’t support half-sheets, these also print nicely two to a page. What I usually do on my Mac OSX is:
    • Select all the NPCs I want to print for a session in Finder
    • Open them in Preview (this opens all the separate PDFs as one document)
    • Print, and under “Layout” select “Pages per Sheet: 2”

Changes or suggestions are welcome! All the tools I used to make this are free to use, and all the original materials are available for download or modification in the Github repository. Pull requests are welcome!

I’m working on something similar for NPC Vehicles. I’ll post it on this blog when it’s ready.

Happy GMing!