Dependency Injection is 10 million billion times easier than you think

Eyes glazed over yet? Don’t do it! Stay with me!

I was like you once, in a more innocent time we all knew as “one hour ago.” I heard words like Dependency Injection (a technique of making software super-loosely coupled, in a somewhat inaccurate nutshell) and reached for the closest sharp edge to find sweet, sweet oblivion. The little I’ve read on the subject and the ever-intimidating XML Files Spawned By Satan didn’t really help.

Thankfully, Rob Conery was like me too, once. Unlike me though, he spent some time with the lead man behind the DI tool StructureMap, and he saw the light. You will too, once you watch his screencast on Depency Injection with StructureMap. No nasty XML, no major “OH NO MUCH CRAZINESS - BRAIN GOING INTO EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN” moments, just tasty data goodness.

I know that “screencast” can be another of those homicidal-mania-inducing phrases. However, Rob’s really good at making them interesting and at packing an English tonne of information into small chunks. If you don’t believe me, spend a brief five minutes with him learning how to use SubSonic. It will end and you will be stunned at how much you already know about setting up SubSonic.

It’s good. It’s “Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale fighting dragons1 “ good. It’s “Who eats yogurt at a wedding?” good.

Watching these is way better than going to that Lollapalooza thing this weekend, trust me. -Scott

  1. Why am I referencing Reign of Fire? BECAUSE IT IS CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED.