Codeapalooza Tomorrow!

So I know this guy who knew about this one event months in advance, and yet didn’t think to post a blog about it until roughly 24 hours before.

What a dolt, huh? Sucks to be him.

Anyway, in totally unrelated news, Codeapalooza is tomorrow! It promises a day full of totally free .NET goodness and interesting workshops. There’s a full slate of pretty interesting sessions.

In particular, there’s a tasty-looking treat on rich, reusable user controls with MVC that I’m looking forward to pretty intensely. If we’re going to adopt MVC at the office, feature-rich reusable controls will be a must. But there’s also some lovely XNA exotica, Silverlight salaciousness, a slew of Sharepoint stuff (gag, vomit, WHY HELLO MICROSOFT YES I LOVE SHAREPOINT OKAY THANK YOU) and much more miscellanea.

If you attend, I’ll be the guy in the Chicago Public Radio hat who asks a zillion questions. Hope to see you there. -Scott