Ludum Dare 23 - And You Will Know Me By The Trail of (one) Dead

Here’s a shot of me gloating over my victim!

Woohoo! Not only did I resolve my aforementioned issues with the box models (primary problem is that Chipmunk always describes position by the center of an object - Gosu typically does top-left corner), but now you can shoot things at things. Exciting, er, things!

In addition to shooting your enemies, you can jump into their faces to knock them over and kill them. Since they are basically Pez dispensers a rather satisfying toppling takes place.

Now I’m at a cross-roads. I’ve ticked off most of the features I had listed before, but I’m far from a completed game. I think from here I go in one of two directions in order to have something I can call a “game” without resorting to this definition:

game (n.): a trick or joke.

One way towards gamedom would be turning this into a little two-player deathmatch game. That is a tiny world, after all. The other fast alternative would be to gradually flood the small arena with more and more enemies and basically see how long the player can hold out against the masses in an effort to thin the crowd (back towards my original idea of “This world is too small for the both of us, everyone else and me.”)

I’m going to clean this up a bit for the rest of the evening and sleep on it.